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SEAS 2020

Oct 7-10, 2019

Savannah, GA

Mansion on Forsyth Park

The Southeastern Angiographic Society (SEAS) is a group of world-renowned interventionalists from all over the Southeast and along the eastern seaboard.


Over the last 40+ years SEAS has provided continuing education for physicians engaged in angiography, and hosts an incredibly popular yearly scientific meeting that allows for education as well as socialization and networking.


SEAS welcomes all physicians or medical professionals interested in Interventional Radiology and proudly serves as a thought leader in the medical field.

"Over the ensuing 20+ years, I have loved attending SEAS meetings for the honest and open discussions and very practical exchange of information and experiences – with participation by all...Being a member of SEAS and attending the annual SEAS meetings has been wonderful."

Alan H. Matsumoto, MD

"What impresses me the most is the tremendous educational content and ability to interact with famous icons on a personal level...To me it is really the best kept secret in the Southeast, but I happily share this with all my younger interventional friends."
Karl Chiang, MD
"I have been a member of SEAS for many years and I can honestly say it is my favorite meeting to attend...The best part about attending SEAS meetings is linking up with friends and sharing professional experiences regarding practices and issues in health care."


James F. Benenati, MD

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